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  • Dalice Trost

Connecting with Nature

I seem to have been spending much of my photography time recently processing - either in the darkroom or behind my computer. While I love processing my images and working to draw out the best from the photos I have made in my camera, I have missed spending time connecting with nature.

There's something about being amongst trees and bushes, listening to the birds and the strange sound of the pobblebonk frogs, that gives me energy.

This week I joined a friend for coffee and a catchup at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. It wasn't designed as a photo opportunity but we both love creating images and ended up spending some time in the Tasmanian Garden section.

My emphasis was on capturing images of some of the beautiful plants, but the gardens also have wildlife, and water dragons are high on my list of favourites.

I did take one photo which, as a image, was rather unsuccessful, but as a memory is perfect. In it I have managed to capture 11 water dragons, from quite tiny specimens to larger ones, in the one shot. I'm now inspired to go back to see if there is any way I can manage to take a photo of the water dragon community that works as an image and not just a beautiful reminder of a lovely walk.

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