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  • Dalice Trost

Forest Stories

Last Sunday I attended a PhotoAccess workshop at Plumwood Mountain outside of Braidwood. I drove down on Saturday and spent some time photographing Bungendore and Braidwood - more on that later.

Sunday saw our group meeting up in Braidwood and driving in convoy to the bottom of the mountain. It was impossible to drive up - recent rains have made the 2.4 km driveway pretty much impassable. And of course, with cameras it's much nicer to walk and take one's time.

We spent the day visiting the forest and had lunch at the cottage at the top of the mountain. Plumwood Mountain is managed by an independent conservation organisation. The property adjoins both the Budawang and Monga National parks and was home, for more than thirty years, to Val Plumwood, and international recognised environmental philosopher. The stone cottage that Val Plumwood lived in was built from the land and fits seamlessly into the calm forest environment.

I took rather a lot of photos and haven't finished sorting and processing yet, but had to get some together for a small group reunion and discussion this evening. My main focus was on the regeneration of the forest after the 2020 bushfires. I thought I'd share a couple of them with you.

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