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About Me

I remember slide evenings looking at Dad's images of Antarctica.

I remember him saying his best shots were of a similar quality to those that the expedition's photographer discarded.

I remember being given my first SLR when I was in my teens, to photograph my exchange year in Japan.

I remember not knowing how to use it.

Since then I have dipped in and out of photography, taking photos when I've travelled, when I've thought that I wanted something to remind me of places I'd visited.

I decided to undertake some formal photography studies because I wanted to increase my percentage of keepers. I wanted to take photos that weren't just "nice travel shots"; I wanted to take photos that people would look at and say "great shot". 

I also wanted to develop my visual skills and creativity, but that's a long hard road for someone who wasn't brought up in a visual world and who has always felt more comfortable with words. 

That said, my formal studies have taught me much, including that there is much more to learn. 

Thankfully I am at a stage of my life where I don't have to do things I don't enjoy to make a living. While I'm deciding what to do with my photography - whether to remain an enthusiastic amateur, or to dabble in making money from it - I'm looking forward to hours of learning, practice and fun. 



Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging, CIT, Canberra

Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging, CIT, Canberra


Wide Angle Residency, PhotoAccess (2023)


Class of '22, CIT Student Exhibition, 2022

Graduating Student Exhibition, November 2022

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