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Discovering different ways to print

This year I've spent time exploring different printing techniques. I've done some carbon transfer, some Liquid Light, some regular darkroom printing with a bit of an experimental twist and I've learned how to create photogravure prints.

This beautiful process involves printing a monochrome image onto a photopolymer plate, which is then developed with UV light and water. The prepared plate is then inked and passed through an etching press.

I need to scan these images properly - the ones I've included today are photos taken on my iPhone - so they don't show the full beauty of these images.

My first foray into printing this way came when I attended a PhotoAccess/Megalo workshop. On the first day we hiked to a lovely area near Uriarra where early settlers had created a garden with daffodils, snowdrops and assorted other non-Australian plants. We spent the day photographing the area before spending the next day at Megalo learning how to prepare, develop and print the plates.

This first image is from that day.

A few weeks later, I had the chance to spend another day in at Megalo Printing Studio preparing and printing more works.

I've wanted to create an image of reeds like this for a long time. I had the idea in my mind, but could not find the reeds I wanted in a position where I could photograph them in the way I wanted. Finally I found the perfect patch of reeds at Jerrabomberra Wetlands in Canberra. I love the slightly rippling water, and the reflections. I love the dark patch of reeds at the water's edge - a perfect hiding place for ducks and other waterbirds. And I love the small isolated patch of reeds standing proudly in the water. I love the repetition of the sharp angles and strong lines. In fact, I just love everything about this scene.

When I was deciding which images to print, the calmness and simplicity of this photo leapt out at me, almost demanding to be printed as a photogravure print. I hope you like it :)

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