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  • Dalice Trost

Looking back

In December 2019, pre-pandemic, I joined a photo workshop visiting the Antarctic Peninsula. Apart from the expedition team and crew, basically everyone on the trip was a photographer and our excursions were designed to allow us the most opportunities to photograph the amazing scenery and wildlife.

One day, on a zodiac trip, we saw an iceberg in the distance and our zodiac driver decided to take us there. It was some distance from the ship and we were sworn to secrecy because we shouldn't have been going that far. The iceberg became known to our small group as "the iceberg that must not be named".

It was a challenge photographing it - what with a moving boat, everyone wanting to get a shot, and only a short time to capture it before heading back to the ship. But we all wanted the shot.

The bright blue that we had spotted from a distance was only more beautiful on closer inspection.

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