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More looking back

Now college is nearly over, I have been finding time to look back at past images. A webinar I attended suggested that we should revisit photos that we were proud of from 5 years ago, and think about how we would process them now. Have they stood the test of time?

I've gone back to my 2018 trip - it was massive. Auckland, Ushuaia, Antarctic Peninsula, Germany, Czechia, Iceland, Scotland, Oxford, Switzerland and France. The trip almost didn't happen, but thankfully my health issues were resolved and I was able to embark on this epic adventure.

When I look at my Lightroom Catalog, I realise that it includes many photos I haven't yet looked at. That said, I decided to start with some images I liked first time around and have used the processing skills and sense of aesthetics I've developed over the past two years to revisit them.

Here is a handful of my shots from Oxford. I hope you enjoy them.

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