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February already!

And the year is flying away ... Can't believe we're already in February.

I've not been doing much photography recently. A couple of short shoots at Jerrabomberra wetland is almost all I've managed.

Last weekend I drove to Sydney to do a beginners' bookbinding course at the NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders. My idea is to be able to, eventually, create my own artists books, and I'm starting to explore binding options.

On the way back, just after I'd passed Goulburn, the skies opened and it bucketed down. I decided, given I wasn't in a hurry, to pull over at Lake George. During most of the years I have driven past Lake George, it has been fairly empty, apart from sheep. The past couple of years, the lake has been full, and with the misty post rain skies, I couldn't resist taking some photos.

In this first shot I just loved the softness of the view - the rain had barely stopped and the sky was heavy and beautiful.

In this second view I opted for monochrome, because I liked the simplicity of this treatment of the mistiness and fading hills. As you can see, the water is getting up towards the highway. A few years back I put an image of Lake George on social media and was met with the comment "What lake?" There's no mistaking it's a lake now!

The bookbinding course was great - we learnt a couple of different types of stitching, lots about measuring and folding, and some about gluing. During the two days we made five books. Since I've been home I've been playing around and today I decided to try and make my own book cloth, backing fabric with stiffening and paper. My results weren't perfect - I've got a way to go yet - but I love my Bluey book. Sorry about the photo quality - iPhone shots in my living room ...

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